It took me a long time to find them. Well worth looking for helps with the afternoon hunger. I work out side and really enjoy them.

花了我很长时间才找到它们。 值得寻找帮助下午的饥饿。 我工作出来,真的很喜欢他们。

They are amazing. Taste like candy. I want to eat 40 of them. They're not 'fulfilling' but they do crave hunger pains.

他们是了不起的。 味道像糖果。 我想吃40个。 他们不是“满足”,而是渴望饥饿。

Great taste. Can't stop eating them. This becomes kinda expensive when you eat

太美味了。 不能停止吃他们 当你吃饭时,这变得有点贵

These are so amazing!! I am a foodie and wanted to try the military diet on line where u lose 10lbs in 3 days but I was staving and could never complete the diet, since I bought these I completed the 3 day diet and lost 11lbs!! I was not hungry at all!!! I didn't give it a 5 star because it is expensive but like anything, you pretty much get what you pay for. I am willing to pay for something that works!

这些太棒了! 我是一个美食家,想要尝试在3日内输掉10磅的饮食,但是我已经停下来,不能完成饮食,因为我买了这些,我完成了3天的饮食,失去了11磅! 我根本不饿! 我没有给它一个5星级,因为它是昂贵的,但像任何东西,你几乎得到你付出的代价。 我愿意支付一些有用的东西!

I drag after 3:00 in the afternoon-thought I would give this a shot. I was very happy within an hour of trying these. It took away my brain fog and gave me the pick me up I needed. I don't eat a lot of sugar so the sugar content didn't scare me at all. I slept like a baby. Will buy again.

我在下午3点之后拖了一下,以为我会给这个镜头。 在尝试这些之后的一个小时内我很开心。 它夺走了我的大脑雾,并让我接过我需要的。 我不吃大量的糖,所以糖含量根本不吓倒我。 我像一个婴儿睡觉 会再买


I love Xtend! It really does help with muscle soreness and works works as stated. I haven't experienced any muscle soreness after my workouts. In fact, I researched BCAAs (shortly after I started drinking this) and was pleasantly surprised that this product is on point! I've tried blood orange (slight aftertaste), but I love the tangerine (no aftertaste).

我喜欢Xtend! 它确实有助于肌肉酸痛和工作作品如所述。 我的锻炼后我没有经历任何肌肉酸痛。 事实上,我研究了BCAAs(不久之后我开始喝酒),令人惊喜的是,这个产品在点! 我尝试了血橙(略有回味),但我爱橘子(没有余味)。

As a new comer to the world of BCAAs I was skeptical. I returned to the gym after a 3 year hiatus and felt so sore for the next two days after each visit the description of these sound too good to be true. I started with the blue raspberry which I compare to blue sports drink. Now I purchased the fruit punch which smells yummy. I take it post workout and don't feel nearly as sore as I used to.

作为BCAAs世界的新来者,我对此持怀疑态度。 在3年的休息之后,我回到健身房,在接下来的两天感觉如此痛苦,这些声音的描述太好了,不可能是真实的。 我开始用蓝莓,我比较蓝色运动饮料。 现在我买了味道好吃的水果冲泡。 我把它训练后,不会像以前那样感到疼痛。

Worked as advertised. Used during workouts and left the gym feeling refreshed and less fatigued.


美国GNC健安喜官网代购直邮 GNC Horny Goat Weed 山羊草胶囊120粒 男人保健品 


1. 商品价格说明(不含国际运费):该商品页面标记售价为该商品在(美国官网的售价+美国国内运费)*6.8(汇率)*10%(代购费),不含美国到中国的国际运费和可能会产生的税费

2. 国际运费:美国至中国EMS国际快递价格为首重(2磅及以内)105元,续重35元

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5. 关税说明:建议单个包裹价值请勿超过1000元,每个包裹内数量不要超过4瓶,按照这个要求运送被税的概率极低!如遇关税,收件人会收到短信通知,请收件人根据短信内容自行办理,本店不包关税。

6. 本店为代购性质,不接受中途退换货!不接受中途退换货!不接受中途退换货!



GNC Horny Goat Weed






  • Combines 600 mg of Horny Goat Weed and 250 mg of Maca Root Extract.(600毫克山羊草及250毫克秘鲁人参榨取精华
  • Epimedium grandfiflorum (Horny Goat Weed) extract has a long history of traditional use by men in China and Japan.(山羊草萃取在传统使用上已有很长一段历史
  • Contains 600 mg of Epimedium grandfiflorum from a high-quality, cultivated source of Horny Goat Weed.(600毫克高质量耕种的山羊草中的淫羊藿
  • Each serving also contains 250 mg of legendary Maca Root Extract along with the added benefit of Polypodium vulgare root powder (每粒也含250毫克秘鲁人参根提取精华,以及添加欧亚多足蕨根粉的功效



角质山羊杂草(Epimedium grandiflorum)600 mg **

Maca根提取物(Lepidium meyenii)250 mg **

Polypodium vulgare根粉25 mg **