I have tried Nugenix, and I have tried an even worse product in Progene... DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY.

BUT PERFORMIX!!!! has it down to a science. Their blends will help you lose weight, gain muscle, and get you through your workout with ample energy.

I love their protein mixes as well. I am going to try some other products and get the new personal bests on everything at 35 and previous low T levels. Awesome Stuff!


不过PERFORMIX !!!! 把它归功于科学。 他们的混合将帮助你减肥,获得肌肉,并通过充足的精力让你锻炼身体。

我也喜欢他们的蛋白质混合物。 我将尝试一些其他产品,并获得新的个人最好的一切,在35和以前的低T水平。 真棒的东西!

I am a white 56 year old male. I just had a physical and brought this product in to get my doctor's opinion. He ordered a testosterone level as part of my lab work. I last had my testosterone checked on 04.06.2010 & it was 358 ng/dL. Just a note, my doctor warned me tetoterone levels are not likely to go up as we age. he didn't want me to be disappointed. The result from blood drawn on 08.05.2016 is 532 ng/dL. My doctor was pretty surprised :) The only suggestion he had is to try taking only 2 pills a day (to save $$) and we'll re-test in a couple of months.

我是一个白人56岁的男性。 我只是身体健康,带来了这个产品,以得到我的医生的意见。 他命令睾酮水平作为我实验室工作的一部分。 我最后在04.06.2010检查了我的睾酮,这是358 ng / dL。 只是一个注意事项,我的医生警告说,当我们年龄不大时,乳糖水平不太可能上升。 他不想让我失望。 08.05.2016抽取血液的结果为532 ng / dL。 我的医生很惊讶:)他唯一的建议是每天只服用2粒药丸(以节省$$),我们将在几个月内重新测试。

I bought at GNC after asking the clerk what the BEST thing in the store was, he walked me over to the Super T. I seen the price and I almost fell out of my chair but I figured with a price so high, it must work. Here I am now almost done with the second bottle and I see ALL my muscle and abs are popping out for the first time in my life. Also I do Cross-Fit/crosstrain every day 5 days a week and there has been NO soreness afterward since taking this product. I will be stopping use for 1 month exactly because they recommend that.

我在GNC上询问商店里最好的东西是买了什么,他把我带到了超级T,我看到价格,几乎从我的椅子上掉下来,但是我觉得这个价格太高了,。 在这里我现在几乎完成了第二瓶,我看到我的肌肉和腹肌都是我生命中第一次出现。 此外,我每周5天每天做Cross-Fit / crosstrain,以后从服用该产品以来,没有酸痛。 我会停止使用1个月,正是因为他们建议。

I just finished my 8 week run of Super T and these are the results.

My weight went up 8 lbs 198lbs to 206lbs.

My bench went up to 315x8 from 315x5.

My squat went up 405x3 to 455x3.

My deadlift went up from 450 to 470 1RM.

I am very satisfied! Besides my strength gains, the next most noticeable thing was my recovery time was decreased. I did not feel as sore the day after my workouts. The last thing was my libido was off the chain. Even my girlfriend noticed, but it was not a bad thing for either of us.

I definitely recommend this product. I think the extended release and increased absorption and better nutrient delivery are why this worked so well. I have tried many similar ingredient profiles in other products, but they did not deliver the same results. I already plan on running it again in the middle of summer with SST and STIMFREE. I guess Performix has got me sold on their products.

我刚完成了8周的Super T,这些都是结果。





我很满意! 除了我的力量之外,下一个最引人注目的是我的恢复时间减少了。 在锻炼之后的第二天,我感觉不到那么酸痛。 最后一件事是我的性欲脱离了链条。 即使我的女朋友也注意到了,但对我们两个人来说,这并不是坏事。

我肯定推荐这个产品。 我认为延长释放和增加吸收和更好的营养供应是为什么这么好。 我在其他产品中尝试过许多类似的成分配置文件,但没有提供相同的结果。 我已经计划在夏天再次与SST和STIMFREE一起运行它。 我猜Performix已经让我卖了他们的产品。

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